How to feel comfy in a large garage!

"Hello, my name is Anders and I am a horsepower junkie."

My plans for 2002 is less motor volume but a bit more horsepower in the Swedish SDC PSB and SPSB series!

9-Nov-2002: Long time no see! I've been struggling with too small motors with too little torque (class regulations), so when I finally dared to shoot a small 40 hp shot off straight off the starting line I blew two exhaust valves (and some aluminum too) when one of the EIGHT nitrous nozzles got clogged. Best this year, 8.73 @ 164mph / 263.5km/h (not one single clean pass, damn...). Today I picked up a modified Mitsu TD04HL-15 turbo, MC-Express header, wastegate actuator, Mikuni 34 mm CV carbs (the old bullet proof version) but I'm still waiting for the MC-Express look-a-like blow-through plenum. Intercooler is a must. Plans for 2003, not quite as low compression as everyone else uses, at the minimum 10:1 and use high octane race gas at the track.

15-June-2002: After two races and no better than 9.82 @ 153 mph, have I lost touch with short bikes? The gixxer is now a 10:1 1195cc 59.5" bike and the Bandit's a 10:1 1186cc 66" (might test it on Sunday). Unleaded gasoline makes it quite nervous to shoot with some kind of peace in mind.

19-May-2002: 10.12 in the 1/4 doesn't cut it. I guess spinning in 1st and 2nd can explain some ;-). Bike seem to work alright.

12-May-2002: The 1195 gixxer is about ready to hit the track. Some minor suspension work left to do.

27-April-2002: Working on the gixxer. Building a new 1195cc motor using B12 cases, 1052 balanced crank, Falicon rods, Holeshot 81 mm pistons, h-d wrist pins and a Lazer 5 head.

19-April-2002: First update after the move to Sweden. Car and bikes made it over the pond. Will propably only race PSB as time constraint will be the limiting factor. They race after each other and some strips over here are one way with no return roads! DOH!
Picked up four 17x7 slicks in Västerås and an extended gixxer 1100 arm in Enköping. Nice deals!

16-Feb-2002: What project? We don't need no stinkin' project when it's +65 and sunny! Both bikes got their share of WOT today. Way too fun! :-)

9-Feb-2002: 30 mile break-in ride. No smoke. Sounds good. +68F (+20C) and sunshine! :-)

1-Feb-2002: Cranked with no plugs and verified the oil pressure. Carbs and exhaust left to install... too tired, it's 2 am.

31-Jan-2002: Degreed the GX21 intake to open 0.05" @ 15 BTDC and WebCam .370 exhaust to close 0.05" @ 15 ATDC

30-Jan-2002: Installed the block and cylinder head. Had to grind the rocker arms a bit to fit the new recessed valves and install longer adjuster screws on the exhaust side.. this takes time, no sh*t.

28-Jan-2002: The block was 0.0005" out of round, that's nothing! The piston rings however was NOT seated properly, no wonder it smoked. I need to install a set of Mikuni flatslides and take it for a hard ride in the mountains.

27-Jan-2002: The cases are back together. Will check the block tomorrow for roundness.

25-Jan-2002: A closer look. The Falicon rod is undamaged! Only the crank, two set of crank bearings and a set of rod bearings where shot. Stuffed my "could-be-shot-but-doesn't-have-any-visible-cracks" crank in it and plasti-gauged it. Installed and plasti-gauged stock rods since this motor ain't gonna see more than 230 hp with the 1371 kit since the 1196cc motors are the ones to be used in PSB and SPSB. In short, I'm rebuilding the 1371cc street motor.

22-Jan-2002: I took my 1371 gixxer for a spin today (+55 and sunny). 5 miles down the road (spinning in 2nd gear ;) the crank snapped. Broke at the #3 journal. Luckily the Falicon rod acted like a bracing so nothing serious (besides the crank, bearings and maybe rod) happened. "Lucky" me!

Crank, $850.
Rod, $200.
Goodwrench 4L60E, $2038. (transmission replaced on the Firebird!)

What a week... and it's only Tuesday.

Btw, anyone got a good magnafluxed crank for sale?

5-Jan-2002: +48F and sunny. Rode the Bandit and the Gixxer. Wasting a lot of rear tire! :-)

30-Dec-2001: +17F and sunny, freezing cold and windy! Back from Sweden (Christmas). Just collecting "good to have" stuff off Ebay.

15-Dec-2001: +58F/+15C and sunshine! Another nice ride...

9-Dec-2001: Nice ride with the 1371 gixxer, cruising around sounding mean and wicked! +60F/+16C and sunny. That's how you should spend a Sunday afternoon, in December. Do I have the "strength" and "inspiration" to clean up the mess in the shed? Dunno...


12-March-2002: My last day at work in the USA.  I terminated my "go-overseas-and-teach-others" contract on September 12th but I have a 6 month notice to hand over my duties within Ericsson Inc. in the US.   I'll probably visit The Rock Spring Opener March 16-17 with my cam corder and camera. Then I take a flight to Sweden the day after. I'll be racing in Sweden too, don't you worry! :)