Drag racing results 2002

Lunda 2002-08-22

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Misc pictures this summer...

I bent three exhaust valves on that pass...   tn_sqs3-brink-1.jpg (3463 bytes)    tn_sqs3-brink-2.jpg (2966 bytes)    tn_strangnas-21july-2002.jpg (1861 bytes)    messy garage     Tullinge, Aug 4 2002, me and Ronny qualifying     Street race (on a deserted army air field)    Street race. Missed a shift, runner-up   

Date Results Track Notes
Sep 21 1st Vasteras Lazzat Street Challange #5, Cup Winner 2002!
Sep 8 1st Vasteras Lazzat Street Challange #4 tn_lazzat-4-2002.jpg (3749 bytes)
Aug31-1   Tullinge SQS, just two passes on the gixxer. 8.73@260 km/h and 8.80@263km/h mild setup
going sideways and not able to gas it soon anough and missed shifts. Looks promising
for the next season! I didn't race Sunday - too lazy, I only made two qualifying passes.
Link to a discription of the BDE clutch cushion kit
Aug 31 quart Gefle It was just +12C (+50F) and no propane torch available. 600 PSI nitrous wont do it.
Aug 29 semi Lunda Shorted a wire to one of the the ignition coils when the rear wheel hit the Schnitz Box
Aug 24 2nd Malmby Stockholm Open, Street Race, a few pictures @ http://andersbrink.tk/
Shot the muffler in the semi and the loss of restriction made it pull a wheelie in the final
Aug 22 2nd Lunda Dennis is THE Champ. :)
Aug 11 Finals Tullinge SDC, stock cylinder head = first round loss (of power). 9.25 @ 240 something
Aug 10 qualifying Tullinge SDC, shot a spark plug and a valve @ the 1/8 mile. perhaps a piston. 9.02 @ 226 km/h
Aug 9 qualifying Tullinge SDC, Scandinavian Dragracing Championship, Super Pro Street Bike.
Nitrous leak somewhere, bottle drained before the run. 9.50 something
Aug 4 "semi" Tullinge Super Pro Street Bike with the gixxer, just 9.10 @ 252 km/h with a bad 60 footer
Aug 3 1st Orsa Just four bikes, but fast ones. Won on a red light. Bandit's fuel pump gone bad.
June/July   Various This is not going to cut it... I'm just test and tuning the rest of the year.
It's going to require a major overhaul of the chassi design to be competitive.
June 16   Tullinge Grmbl... another #1 qaulifyer
June 1 1 round Tullinge 9.80 something again, got #1 qual in 1st round
May 24-26 2nd round Nyköping 9.83 @ 244 km/h, Ronny in 1st round and #1 qualifier in 2nd
May 18   Hudik Test and tune. 59.5", 10.12 spinning through 1st and 2nd (unprepared air field)   .