Drag racing results 2003

Date Results Track Notes                                                                                                              
May 8 1st Västerås                   Lazzat Street Challange, still too lean while on nitrous, unprepared track, 6.20
May 24 Rain Hudiksvall HMCK
May 25 - Åland SQS? (Alla race på Åland är inställda då man inte fått tillgång till flygplatsrakan)
May 30-31
June 1
Semi Nyköping SDC, SuperProStreetBike. The 60-footer sucked big time.
June 7 "2nd" Falun VÅR-RACET (bent the valves in the semi - which I won, didn't run the Final)
June 6-8   Strängnäs/Malmby Xtreme Racing (just time runs, no race. unprepared track, 9.20 @ 258)
June 14-15 2nd Västerås Bike Weekend ("Stans Snabbaste 900+", despite one rocker arm was broken!)
June 20-22 - Orsa MSSR (cancelled)
June 27-29 1st Västerås NDRS Super Gas Bike, 6.20 index on the 1/8 mile
Saturday Qualification Results. Qualified #1, race rained out
June 27-29 - Göteborg SDC (I skipped this race)
July 10 1st Västerås Lazzat Street Challange
July 11-13 - Piteå SDC (I skipped this race)
July 17-20 - Strängnäs/Malmby Xtreme Racing (I skipped this race too)
July 24-27 3rd Mantorp NDRS Veidec Nitro Festival, Super Gas Bike, 9.50 index on a Pro Tree
Lost a holeshot by running a bit too fast (i.e. "out-smarted")
Aug 16 1st Lindesberg NDRS, qual #1 with a 6.203 (no nitrous) on a 6.20 index and then won the race
Aug 22-24 - Strängnäs/Malmby Xtreme Racing (race cancelled)
Aug 23 - Hudiksvall HMCK Streetrace (rained out)
Aug 22-24 - Malmö/Landskrona SDC (I'm not racing this one)
Aug 30 quart Falun Coppermine Cruisers, Streetrace (spun bad on the street, only +6C +40F)
Aug 30 quart Gefle Open Gefle Open (spun bad on the street, only +6C +40F)
Sep 6 - GR2 Tierp The Ghostrider Day 2 (wasn't allowed too race "not a street bike", my ass!)
Sep 13-14 1st Lazzat/Björkvikring Lazzat Street Challange http://www.shra-nykoping.com/
Oct 4   Uppsala Open Samling vid badet i Örbyhus senast klockan 13:00