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How to keep yourself busy... in a heated shed! :-)

Fall  2003 to Spring 2004: Bought myself a MIRA valve seat grinder and a miniature lathe. No more sending away heads for repair!

Spring 2004 to Fall 2004: Got diabetes type 2. Power walking, a.k.a. excercise, cured it. Now a HbA1c level of 5.3 instead of 8.8! :-)
Installed a turbo on the gixxer. Just a small TD04-13G MC-Express clone. 8.70 @ 266 km/h (165 mph) on the 1/4 with soggy 60'.

Nov 6: Apparently type 2 doesn't like jogging at all... so I'm actually more fit and healthy than most of my work buddies!
Started on my new project, a 68" Super Pro Street Bike - basically it's an Outlaw Pro Street but with only a 68" wheelbase.
Carbon fiber fairing, magnesium rims. Haven't decided yet if it's gonna be force feed with nitrous or a turbo.

Had my blue/white gixxer 1157 "registreringsbesiktad" (type approved) by SBP/DMW - so it's now a street legal
turbo charged bike with a "limo/extended" swing arm. Pretty cool ride!