Rats! This is what happend on November 22 1998
on State Highway 122 between Bedford VA and
Big Island VA when practicing holeshots!

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A valve snapped and blew the piston into pieces
and the crank pushed the bits through the upper case!

A "snapped" exhaust valve

The carburator full of aluminum scrap...

...and so was the cylinder head intake.

I found these parts (of a piston) in the exhaust system

The spark plug looks really healthy!

Does this intake valve need an adjustment?

What about the exhaust clearance? ;-)

I think I need a new head...

...or at least "some" polishing! Haaa Haaa!

The wrist pin took some heavy load...

...and the sleeve had a rough time

The connecting rod was bent but still in one piece!

Damn Damn DAMN!