My V&H Pro Pipe installation

The V&H Pro Pipe 12002P was designed for the 86-90 GSXR1100 but can be installed on the Bandit 1200 with small modifications. First you have to tweak and bend the oil cooler hoses to clear the header pipes, takes a while but doesn't look that bad. Make sure you support the oil cooler fittings while you bend the steel hoses or you will end up with a damaged oil cooler. Next, the rear brake lever. You have to grind off 1 mm from the brake lever's "top stop" to gain more travel and clear the megafon. The drawback is that you end up with a slighly higher positioned brake lever. You have to cut 10 mm off the 8 mm bolt that goes into the brake cylinder to be able to use a 20 mm long 8 mm coupling nut that connects the brake lever U-shaped bracket to the brake cylinder bolt. Use a 10 mm long 8 mm bolt to fasten the U-shaped bracket to the coupling nut. The megafon bracket mounts to one of the rear peg bolts, perfect fit. Use a 20 mm longer bolt than stock and use a nylon lock nut and washer on the inside. I installed a 2" baffle to maintain the streetabilty and keep the noise down.