...or, how to freeze and sweat in a 20' by 12' shed!

"Hello, my name is Anders and I'm a horsepower junkie." ;-)

My plans for y2k is big horsepower! I guess it would be more appropriate to call it y20k because that's probably more likely the amount of USD I'm going to spend on the Bandit this year. Well, I guess that's what you have to pay to get near 400 horsepower in a tiny motorcycle motor. Thanks to my great sponsor www.holeshot.com and some cool discount from Cope Racing it's feasable even for a poor dork like me! No, I do NOT get parts for free, but damn close to sometimes. :)

23-Nov-2000: Disassembled the blown motor, this is how the piston look like click on the image for a larger view broken wrist pin?

21-Nov-2000: Some new pictures from SBRA 2000, Picture 1 and Picture 2

18-Nov-2000: Bought a 1990 gsxr1100. 74" project. Found out why the 2nd motor blew up! Broken wrist pin!

12-Nov-2000: Blew up motor #3 at Rockingham. I won that round... but, no bike to race. Rod #2 shot the cases, poked off the starter motor and carburator #1. Nasty sh*t! Ryan Schnitz on his 7.78 @ 196 pass and here's the movie of the Shootout crasch.

3-Nov-2000: The modified gsxr diaphragm lockup with 4-spring worked like shit! I'm back to two Barnett plus one stock spring again.

31-Oct-2000: Modified the gsxr diaphragm clutch to accomodate the 4-spring MTC lock-up clutch. Replaced the gsxr oil pan and pickup with the Bandit stuff - makes 1/2" more ground clearance and allows the Yosh street system to be used.

23-Oct-2000: Yup, the crank in the big motor is cracked. Its got that dull sound instead of sounding like a church bell. Another $550.

22-Oct-2000: My Friends <tm_bogus>

5/8 of a mile today on an mediocre ride. Arrived late and missed
one trial. Unloaded in 5 minutes and went straight to the tech
and paid the race fee and off to the staging lanes for their
second trial. Out the box soggy 5.85 @ 128 with no fuel purge
but stepped up to a 5.81 @ 132 in the third and last trial.

5.83's the dial. 1st round, against a delay-box'ed bike.
Ha ha, he red lighted before I did, how nice for a change!
5.826 @ 129.12

2nd round, cut down the tree and coasted to a 5.874 @ 114.35. The
6.20 @ 110 guy on nitrous didn't even notice what happened. Whoosh!
He later apologized as he thought my bike was that slow 6.60 B12 and
said he panicked when he saw my 5.83 dial. Thank-you-very-much!

3rd round. The
EVIL red eye stared at me once more as the
other guy was 2 tenths off and cut an awful light. How sad.
5.838 @ 130.85

Talk to another Bandito, he claimed 5.80 on motor. Didn't see
it go below 6. Ed and Randy, it was the blue gsxr faired B12.
He didn't want to talk about his bike at all. Strange dude.

Talked to a gsxr1100 with heavy duty studs and a "tuned by
Performance Toys" signed cylinder head. Claimed 175 on the rear.
His best was a 6.53 @ 108. Pfft...

Got to talk to a couple of extended Busa's. They looked with disgust
at their 6.20 @ 120 chromed bikes when I told them "6.12 @ 115".
I haven't washed my bike since... uhm, April?

Must be the weather, or air... or something. Every souped up bike
that didn't run good seemed to have a puzzled rider in the seat.

I need to loose some major weight. Saw two "motor only" Busa's
run 5.73 and 5.75 @ 125 mph in a heads-up grudge race.

3rd round looser signing off this weekends racing,

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie - btw, no wheelies this weekend!

18/19-Oct-2000: Bike's ready to race @ 107/110 with .410/.370 cams. 15.25:1 in compression.

17-Oct-2000: Got the car back from Jim Martin Pontiac. They've replaced the water pump and optispark unit, $1060. They didn't fix the exhaust leak it have - I now know why. They snapped a bolt at the exhaust manifold and just left it there. When I tried to retorque it - snap, using a small 6" 14mm wrench on a 3/8" stud! What a joke, I retorqued all other to 25 ft-lbs using a torque wrench - but this one was too far in for that. BASTARDS!

16-Oct-2000: Pulled the head and block just to check out the piston/head clearance. 0.7 mm deck height with two gaskets. Removing one to get 0.45 deck height. That should be around 15:1 in compression.

15-Oct-2000: 5.84 @ 134, it's moving!

14-Oct-2000: Finished @ 2pm. 1st pass down track @ 2.45 pm. I guess most guys do the break in procedure a little bit longer. :-) 5.89 @ 129

13-Oct-2000: Well, I almost knew it. Valve pockets too small. Pull the head and block and then worked some with Mr Dremmel Tool. Degreed the cams. Opens @ 17 btdc and close @ 15 atdc at 0.04" lift.

12-Oct-2000: Got new 1216cc 13.5:1 JE pistons machined to fit the head and four new valves lapped in the Lazer head. Head torqued. 14.2:1 in compression!

8-Oct-2000: Nope, neither new cams nor cam timing helped out the midrange torque. My spare"Schnitz" head sucks big time! Bike's got decent power, goes 128 mph in the 1/8 but has got no torque at all!

6-Oct-2000: Replaced the .370 intake cam with a .400 as I didn't have any torque at all! Found out that two rockers was hitting the retainers as the valve steems are too long. Some (.04") grinding fixed that. In bed @ 2am and 4 hrs of sleep.

Oct 6 to 8 2000: SBRA Bracket Finals in Waynesboro.

5-Oct-2000: Welded the cross member and frame rail. Cranked the motor, sounds good. It's got the "regular" crank/clutch noise as before. No leaks. New M/T 7" slick. Michael Svedlund from Sweden visiting and inspecting the blown motor. Installed smaller 26n/28f jets. Bike's loaded on the trailer.

4-Oct-2000: Nothing much done today, really... too tired.

3-Oct-2000: Cams degreed @ 105/110. Valves adjusted. Painted covers. Clutch installed. That's it for today.

2-Oct-2000: Pulled the big motor and installed the small motor. Head torqued. Head's exhaust M8 threads heli-coil'ed. Intake boots matched to head. Well, that took all evening... Tomorrow schedule - install rockers, adjusters and .370 cams and have them degreed + "some" more work. Maybe crank the damn thing - I hope.

1-Oct-2000: Report #1: It blew up... again. Rod #3 broke at the wrist pin and took out the cases (10x6" hole!) and block.
Report #2: (2.5 hours later) It was the MTC piston that broke at the rod bolt! Rod poked through and bent the front frame rails and motor mount really bad, it's junk - not repairable. So the cost to repair is probably going to be:
$200 rod
$570 crank
$1150 set of cases
$1300 big block and pistons
$300 repair 4 valves and guides in cylinder head
$250 transmission under cut
$100 gaskets
$250 frame rail and motor mount
Total: $4120
Don't know if any other internals are broken - who cares right now..?

26-Sep-2000: Oops, this is how one of the spark plugs looked like, way too lean.

25-Sep-2000: So I'm back to square two again. It seem that my Schnitz box IS faulty. Engine kill doesn't work properly. Might have something to do with the internal diagnostic telling me that it's only got between 2! and 8 volts inside the box. Will replace that box and send it back to Schnitz. I've got one spare. Shift cylinder went bad. Two new on order. Cranked out 181 rwhp on the Dyno the other day - WITH a muffler insert in the sidewinder. Probably 5 more on top end than indicated on the Dyno. Cool!

13-Sep-2000: Cranked with the Lazer head @ 107/107. No leaks. Dyno test tomorrow to check out the optimum shift point.

11-Sep-2000: Uhm, the low flow COULD ;-) be due to the fact that a rocker arm screw was LOOSE and almost had fallen out! Ouch! No wonder it sounded like it was firing on only three cylinders. Despite that, a new ET & speed record, 5.74 @ 136 mph Cool! I'm installing the Lazer Head again. Also changing the ignition coil and ignition wire to the distributor on the Firebird. Sparks everywhere! Ran like crap!

8-Sep-2000: The "Tim Hays" head does NOT flow as good as the "small" Lazer head. Only a 6.18 @ 113 mph no juice.

7-Sep-2000: Cranked and no oil leaks. The head is leaking at #1 exhaust port, probably too much material removed. Didn't have time to check tonight. Otherwise it sounds good. Adjusted the float on carbs #3 but sounds almost too lean now.

6-Sep-2000: Head's in place & torqued. Cams set @ 107/107. Clearance set @ .006/.008. Probably found the "no nitrous go" fault. Carb #1 and #3 is way rich at idle, floats are higher than the other two..

5-Sep-2000: Replacing the Lazer head with the big spigot head and using CamMotion G9 intake & WebCam #236 exhaust cam

4-Sep-2000: Lost 5 mph with no nitrous. Exhaust cam too big?

3-Sep-2000: Replaced the exhaust cam witha Cam Motion G7 exhaust, intake open @ 20 btdc, exhaust close @ 15 atdc

29-Aug-2000: Set the cams at 107/107 degrees using a Cam Motion 0.410" G9 intake and a .370" #236 WebCam exhaust cam.

26-Aug-2000: Finally found the Schnitz box "fault". My second battery had a hole in it and was EMPTY. Replaced Dale's PS3 with an air shifter.

24-Aug-2000: Re-torqued the head. External oil kit mounted. Fixed the starter clutch as it came loose while cranking it. It's time to race!

23-Aug-2000: Cranked! No leaks. Sounds good. Test ride tomorrow after I torque the head one more time.

22-Aug-2000: Cams set at 104.5/107.75, 0.08" valve/piston clearance at zero lash. Almost ready to crank!

20-Aug-2000: Out to the shed to swap motors as the "small one" has a BIG blow-by - at least 1 oz at every pass. The Schnitz Pro Street box is toast. Being returned and I expect a new one in a couple of days.
Update: Three (3) of the lower compression rings was binding in the small motor, no wonder it threw oil through the crank vent! The big motor is in the frame. The cylinder block from Cope has a too small diameter of the o-ring grooves. Thought I had a fresh copper head gasket, uh oh.

17-Aug-2000: Almost burned up the bike as a battery cable became shorted, phew! Some more shifter tweaking and planning...

16-Aug-2000: Shortened the nitrous plungers to open 0.5mm more and did some tweaking on the shifter.

15-Aug-2000: Cases torqued with heavy duty studs + a lot more. If I get into the mood I'll switch motors tomorrow.

14-Aug-2000: Started to assemble the big motor. Rod & crank clearance set.

13-Aug-2000: Four sub 6-second passes. The fastest in qualifying was my first, shortshifting with a 3rd gear top end sputter to a 5.94 @ 130 mph. In 3rd round I got a 1.50 60' with a 3.95 330' but let off big time as I caught up with the other guy. Numbers compared to my 5.87 pass
would have been (ahem, yeah - right ;) a 5.85 @ 134 something. Now it's time for a switch of motors. I WANT TO RUN THE BIG BLOCK!

10-Aug-2000: The nitrous system is indeed healthy. One little bad connector... never ever use tap-off's on cables.

8-Aug-2000: The nitrous system isn't healthy. Ordered a new Schnitz box, new coils and nitrous rebuild kits. Found out that the existing nitrous plungers have DIFFERENT lengths. One of them opens up only 0.3 mm! And the other one 1.0 mm. WTF is NOS doing in their production?!

24-July-2000: Sent off the carbs to Fast-By-Gast to have them adjusted and overhauled.

23-July-2000: Shot a headgasket on TWO cylinders. Fixed the leaking port divider. Replaced the jug copper o-rings.

21-July-2000: The .370 wont fit. Valve pockets too shallow. Stock .330" short duration cams went 5.87 @ 131 mph tonight!

20-July-2000: Got the new set of cases, cylinder block and piston from Cope. Total so far, $2972.

19-July-2000: 1216 13.5:1 with 0.5 mm block spacer, .370" cams, Lazer head, 15.5:1 compression. Cam timing left to do...

17-July-2000: Disassembled the head&jugs. Will try out the 1216cc hi-comp pistons and the new head this week, compression = 15:1.

14-July-2000: Got some pictures from my Swedish racing tour! Wheelie 1 and wheelie 2

11-July-2000: The exhaust cam was set at 125 degrees! No wonder it didn't pull... Reset in/ex to 105/105

6-July-2000: Got the Lazer head today. Mike claims it flows 140 cfm @ .425 lift at 10". Will take two weeks before we know it's true or not.

5-July-2000: Put the lock-up clutch in it. The Bandit and the 91-92 gsxr clutches uses different backing gears, oil pump sprockets and the crank gear is wider on the Bandit. Not interchangeable at all. Had to use the 92 basket and the Katana inner hub with two .1" spacers to compensate for the missing 50 mm hub nut threads. Some minor clutch tweaking done, left out two fibers and used the shim spring from the -92 behind the inner steel plate to soften it up a bit. We'll se how that works. :)

4-July-2000: Took it for a 100 mile ride. Runs good.

3-July-2000: It's running. Haven't tried it any higher than 7000 rpm. 4th of July traffic is pretty intense at the "safe" stretch of road.

2-July-2000: Well, it's been a long (and too damn hot) day. At 9pm there's the carbs and some small things left to do.
20 minutes past midnight, FIRE!  Oh, I mean - it's been fired up. 10 minutes on high idle (3000 rpm) while a big fan cooled the motor. No leaks, nothing unusual at all. Sounds pretty quiet. Tomorrow (uh, today) I'll take it for a looong ride.

1-July-2000: The1127 motor is in the frame. Pistons, block , head, cam timing, ignition timing etc left to do. Tomorrow's the day!

29-June-2000: Bought a -92 1127 motor with a broken cam chain and a couple of broken rockers. Spare parts motor. Needs only a cam chain and cam chain guides and we're up'n running agin!

27-June-2000: The crank is REALLY shot. Really deep cuts on the bearing surface. There goes another $800. A new set of cases are $1050. A new rod is $167 and new (8) bolts are $120. Sleeve repair/replace job is $200. A new piston and machining is $150.

25-June-2000: Blew #3 rod. The ARP bolts snapped and the rod cap found it's way out through the block. Rod, piston, sleeve and probably also the crank are shot. The cylinder head survived intact!

9-June-2000: No head from Lazer Mike... he has been working on it for 2-1/2 months now... 5.88 @ 134 mph, it's moving!

3-June-2000: Finally, got the fixed big block back from Cope, for free. Now I'm excpecting the Laze Mike head to show up early next week.

19-May-2000: Life sucks! No Lazer Mike head. No Cope Big block. Still trying to tweak the clutch...

29-Apr-2000: Shot the carburator butterfly valves with a nitrous "too lean" backfire. Ouch... they're toast - totally toast.

15 to 28 Apr-2000: Two blown head gaskets. I've decided that I'm going back to the 1216 kit until I get the new head. This is taking too much time and is a pain in ass to maintain. I'm kinda tired of wrenching... Fixed the shifter - was the microswitch on the solenoid that needed some adjustments.

14 to 22 Apr-2000: Lost first round in Sunday's race, .002 red light. Extra battery installed. Ignition pickups fastened (they've come loose).

13-Apr-2000: Got the M/T 7" slick and mounted it on the bike. Removed the rear fender. Took some pictures:
0413-001.jpg 0413-002.jpg 0413-003.jpg 0413-004.jpg 0413-005.jpg 0413-006.jpg 0413-007.jpg 0413-008.jpg 0413-009.jpg

12-Apr-2000: Got the cam chain guide and reassembled the motor. Cranked it, no leaks.

11-Apr-2000: Borrowed a RF900 rear wheel from a buddy in Roanoke for the 7" M/T drag slick for local racing on really slick tracks. Split a RF900 motor and confirmed that his 2nd gears was shot. Got the cam chain guide from Suzuki in Atlanta through my local dealer. Ordered a 7" M/T slick for the 17" rim.

10-Apr-2000: Pulled the head to fix the exhaust leak from each of the holes in the exhaust ports, not the dividers. Replaced the chain and sprockets on a KLR650. Retorqued the head but have to wait for the front cam chain guide - ordered it today from Suzuki.

9-Apr-2000: Out in first round when the tire spun bad. Don't buy the Shinko Stealth (the Yokohama 003 replica) rear tire, it's a piece of crap.

8-Apr-2000: Rain

7-Apr-2000: Won at Eastside

4-6-Apr-2000: Fixing the shifter and completing the nitrous setup

3-Apr-2000: Got my new NOS number plate today, too bad DMV has revoked it. Someone else is using that number, damn. Ordered a MTC lock-up clutch. Should be here on wednesday.

2-Apr-2000: Rain, race canceled.

1-Apr-2000: Blew the headgasket on #3 at the 60' marker 2nd round of time trials, stilla 6.09 @ 124. The GSXR clutch was slipping REALLY bad so I had it replaced with the old Bandit clutch with two Barnett and a stock spring. Still slipping... Replaced the spring steel head gasket with a solid copper gasket and power rings, managed to make the oil passages not to leak this time. We'll see if it will last...

29-31-Mar-2000: Finished the nitrous, still using "cheap" old nylon tubing - but new stuff so it should flow better.

28-Mar-2000: Replaced the Summit fuel pump with a Holley "Red" and started to re-route the nitrous system.

27-Mar-2000: Too tired to do anything...

24th to 26th-Mar-2000: Friday, test & tune & Sport Bike Shootout. 9.11 @ 152 mph (5.91 @ 123) with the old nitrous setup as Schnitz didn't bring the hot stuff they promised. Got another #1 trophy that evening <yawn> ;) Snatched it the year before too. Hi hi...

Saturday, my slow 9.11 in the 1/4 mile is no good. Entered S/ET instead as the shifter relay behaved strange. Wouldn't shift now and then. Foot shifting the time trials and the rest of the event. 2nd round of qualifying - the usual BOOM BOOM BOOM nitrous backfires, nothing unusual. Return road. WTF! My bike's on fire! Huge cloud of white smoke from the exhaust and spewing oil out of the header and megafon.

Saturday 2.30pm. Put the bike on the trailer, 4 hr drive to Lynchburg and replaced the head gasket. One nitrous backfire too many and it blew the outer #4 o-ring besides the gasket. After some food, shower, shaving, cleaning and testing the bike - off to Rockingham at midnight. Arrived 4am sunday morning. A guard let me in at the track. Zzzzzz!

Sunday 7.45am. Sun's nice and warm! Brad's parked right next to me. We both got busted in 4th round. The only two in the 1/16 final that where IDBA members. Cool, two Bandits on top of the IDBA Street ET ranking!

I'm tired... really tired. But it was a great weekend for racing and it was really nice to meet up with Brad and Mr Oxygen Sensor Ed and his beautiful girlfriend! Over and out...

21 to 23-Mar-2000: Sent the 750 head to Lazer Mike, hope I get some more from that head, $2200. Continued nitrous wrenching...

20-Mar-2000: It's pouring... no work done, just some tweaking and I cleaned up the 88 gsxr750 head.

19-Mar-2000: Slept all day long... race canceled due to cold weather.

18-Mar-2000: 6.24 @ 118.11 mph (190km/h), bike's not running consistent, can feel it jerking a bit on top end - starved carbs? No, no nitrous today - and not tomorrow. Lost two fittings on the showerheads today. Well... there's always something. Converted the stock clutch to a GSXR style clutch since I managed to fry the last couple of spare steels I've got. The B12's toolkit's 22mm wrench (cut off and grinded) is perfect as a 5 mm spacer for the clutch hub nut and washer. We'll get to see how that works tomorrow! :-)

17-Mar-2000: Cam timing, cranked it. Oil leak, DAMN copper head gasket! Pulled the head again. Created new "round" D-shaped head guides. Installed the head with a spring steel gasket. Cranked it. No leaks. A typical day in an amateur wrench lift. Came home at 3.15am.

16-Mar-2000: Got the block. Wrenching... cam timing left to do.

15-Mar-2000: Block still not ready... ARGH! Still working on the nitrous setup... but now, past midnight, the electronics is done, YES!

14-Mar-2000: Left the block at Virgil Naff. Started to install the nitrous system. Fixed the head, permanently this time!

13-Mar-2000: I only got 11:1 in compression now but can bump it up to 12:1 and still maintain .04" in squish with different gaskets. Think I'll do that... will get 0.08" in valve/piston clearance instead of 0.1". Should be more than enough. Anyway, got the port divider fixed tonight, still slightly leaking but that's something I can live with. It needs to be welded to be completely sealed. Too much material removed by Tim Hays. BUT... the sleeves has moved 0.2 mm (0.007") into the block so that's why I saw gray smoke coming from the exhaust at the race. Thought it was the Lectron's loading up, but no... oil seeping through. Off to Virgil Naff tomorrow and beg on my bare knees... Hope I can get the oil seal groves cut on the out side of the block. Hate using that Copper-Spray-A-Gasket on the solid copper gasket. I want to use the o-rings. Will also use the spring steel gaskets I bought from now on.

12-Mar-2000: Won $100 at Eastside Speedway. Spun on every time trial, 6.31 @ 108 braking HARD! Probably a 6.20...

11-Mar-2000: Someone dinged my car, a hit & run, CRAP! Filed a police report. DAMN YOU COWARD CAGER! The bike put back together, the "fix" didn't last long - about 20 seconds. Well, it's ridable anyway. Hopefully weather's permitting a couple of passes to check out the tweaking I've made to it. I have to pull the head again next week and fix it permanently... Rockingham witha small 30/26 head, neee....

10-Mar-2000: Pulled the head. Plug drainholes leaking at the exhaust port divider, that's a common fault on gsxr heads that has been ported.
ToDo tomorrow. Raise the needles. Degree the cams to 106.5/112. Ignition to 16 static + 24 advanced @ 3000 rpm. Boost @ 5500 rpm.

9-Mar-2000: Dyno testing, only 163 hp with 150 hp between 8800 and 11000 rpm. Cams 112/112 and ignition @ 32 degrees are way off.

5-Mar-2000: Wrenched until 1 am sunday morning and thing's still in a need to be fixed. Didn't get up until 10, then "some" more wrenching and didn't get to the track until 2.30pm. First pass and the speaker announced "Motorcycle dial-in's to the tower". Was I in a hurry or what? Everyone's looking, "The King Of The Hill has got a new motor!" was the word in the staging lanes, was a bit crowded and everyone wanted to hear about the new goodies in the motor. Almost a bit nervous.

 Loooong burnout to remove the hard surface the all the time it's been standing in the shed. Took off, spun off the line like I've never done it before, foot shifted (didn't have time to install Dale's shifter) to a lousy 6.47 @ 116.5 mph. Too much heat in the tire. Straight to the staging lanes again for another pass, (that's the privileges you've got from being a track champion ;) and lined up one more time before the elimination's. Left really soft with a 1.64 60', ran a 6.33 @ 117.6 mph. Yes yes YES! No nitrous, no shifter and 16/50 gearing (for 180mph). I'll probably go 15/50 next week, it's better on the 1/8 mile in regard of shift points.

 Dialed a 6.30. Took out the first guy in the elimination's but got busted the next round by .002 seconds. Well, it's really easy to miss the shift points if you're used to a fully automatic shifter. I'll install it before the next weekend.

Got another time trial after the semi's. Gave some more clutch and got a 1.58 60 footer, still awful but in the right direction. Missed 1st to 2nd when I hit the rev limiter but was still able to run a 6.30 @ 116.6 mph.

Conclusions: This bike's got power and plenty of it! Think about it, I manage to run 123 mph with 224 hp and 126 mph with 235 hp. It means that I've got something near 200 hp in the motor! Well, I hope. :) I'll be on the Dyno in a week or two. Have to fix the spigots to mate the V&H system I've got now while waiting for the stepped Cope Pro system.

Over and out, with band aid on almost every digit. /anders

ps. It happend again, creatures crawling around the bike with cameras admiring the Bandit! :-) ds.

4-Mar-2000: Motor cranked and started for the first time @ 11:55pm! No leaks, no excessive noise, no fire, no smoke. Test & tune tomorrow - but without nitrous. Didn't have time (nor parts) for that. Also, have to foot shift the bike. Haven't been able to find a neat place for the big shift solenoid.

3-Mar-2000: Wrenching like a maniac in the shed... Why does it take so long time to put the bike back together? I guess it's all those new parts that needs to be "fitted" and find a place to be at. It's crowded under the tank!

2-Mar-2000: Cut the valve pockets with my little dremmel tool. Worked like a charm, bought a special grinding bit that made the work really easy. Reinstalled block, head and cams. Degreed the cams 111/112. Went home at 1am. Vacation tomorrow, it's time for some serious wrenching! Hopefully test and tune on Sunday at Waynesboro!

1-Mar-2000: Oh yeah, I thought the .380 cams would do it. Nope! No valve/piston clearance. Somethins wrong! Pulled the head and block, removed the pistons and measured Cope Racing's valve pockets. Arrrgh! They're out of center by 2.3mm! Re-cut...

29-Feb-2000: Leap year and my 10th birthday! Well, I knew it... the .410 cams is too big for the pistons. Only a .025" piston to valve clearance so I have to go with my old .380 cams for the moment. That's about it for today. Lot's of cursing!

28-Feb-2000: Rockers assembled. Head in place and torqued. No base gasket, .035 copper head gasket. Heli-Coil'ed all cam caps. Modified the front cam chain guide to fit the upper case due to the shaved cylinder head. Modified the Moroso 12" degree wheel adapter and set TDC. Went back home @ 00:30am

27-Feb-2000: What a day... everything was really slow. Just scr*w*ng around with small details. Early evening.

26-Feb-2000: Collars, why didn't I think of that? Lowe's had 3/8 spacers I modified and hard welded. Had to drill and ream colalr guide holes instead of the dowel pins. Pistons and block mounted. How easy everything would be if I could work in a real machine shop. Early evening.

25-Feb-2000: Painted the cylinder block. The motor is now partially assembled and in the frame. Installed the Holeshot motor mount. 2nd gear was actually second gear - the bag was labeled wrong! Installed the Dyna crank trigger.

24-Feb-2000: Got the Cope Racing cylinder block, MTC pistons, head/base gaskets, Pingel fuel valve, rear fender. 0.6 mm deck heigh without a base gasket will give me a compression ratio of 11.3:1. Mostly planning done... damn, no 2nd gear today either.

23-Feb-2000: Some electric work done, mostly planning...

22-Feb-2000: Got clutch parts and gaskets, but not everything. Got a new longer (140mm) steering damper. Rod bolt grinding... :-(

21-Feb-2000: Found out that the bolt heads on the Falicon rods are 1 mm longer than that nuts on the stock rods. Which means, the bolts touches the back end of the case on rod #3. Have to grind off those brand $$$ rods, how nice, NOT! On the brighter side - the rod bearings are just fine and in a really good shape, only a 0.003" clearance with 10 ft-lbs of torque. 10W/20W mix of fork oil refilled.

20-Feb-2000: Lowered the front 3" from stock, added a 3" spacer under the small return spring and removed the 2" spacer on top of the fork spring. Really low and nice, about 3" of ground clearance! Hard welded a support for the nitrous bottle bracket to be put in front of the rear wheel. Well, all I need now is parts... lot's of'em!

19-Feb-2000: Got the hugger brackets ready, it's amazing what you can do with a hammer and some hard welding! Wrenched on a buddy's bike (DR650), lowered the read with longer "dog bones" and lowered the front in the tree.

18-Feb-2000: Got the fuel pump, regulator, a Cheater NOS solenoid, NOS and Fuel steel braided lines.

14-17-Feb-2000: Got the rear shock, hugger and motor mounts. Well, that's about it. Still waiting for a sh*tload of parts.

13-Feb-2000: It's 32F, raining and miserable. Took measurements on misc parts, locations etc for bottle brackets, shifter etc.

10-12-Feb-2000: No work done at all, too damn cold. Ordered NOS switched throttle and misc hoses and fittings

9-Feb-2000: Got the GX9 .410 /GX7 .385 cams (starting small). Got Dyna .7 ohm coils and Dyna Pro crank trigger. Got APE titanium retainers and APE heavy duty springs. All from Cope Racing, Inc. Got a SHINKO 003 Yokohama replica from Schnitz Racing

8-Feb-2000: Ordered a rear hugger and motor mounts from Holeshot. Uhm, that sofa sure felt comfy. No real work done today... obviously.

7-Feb-2000: Ordered gsxr/katana clutch parts, replacing the B12 style clutch. Sent the upper case to Cope Racing to be machine to fit the bigger bore.

6-Feb-2000: Time to pull the motor. Everything seems to be in really good shape. Pistons and pins like new, rockers, head and block like new. The bad reputation nitrous have gotten (from some) does not apply to this bike. 2nd gear is a goner. Crank bearings looking good. The clutch is gone after 500 passes down the strip, that was expected.

5-Feb-2000: Started to tear the bike into pieces, all wiring and electronics pulled.

2 to 4-Feb-2000: Fever, in bed. Bought a V&H sidewinder just in case the Pro System exhaust doesn't show up.

1-Feb-2000: Got me a GSXR top end oiling kit and a set of 40mm FBG Lectrons

31-Jan-2000: Got two (super duper) lowering struts for the rear. Ordered a rear Progressive 500# shock. Ordered some spares for my old Mikuni RS40, needles and o-rings.

30-Jan-2000: Too much damn snow, AGAIN! Err, freezing rain is a more correct term.

28-Jan-2000: Ordered titanium retainers and heavy duty springs from Cope Racing.

27-Jan-2000: Got the Falicon Rods, a piece of art!

26-Jan-2000: Got the cylinder head, looks good. Serious shit!

25-Jan-2000: Too much damn snow! The crank wasn't a stroker crank... <sigh & sob>

24-Jan-2000: Ordered titanium needles for my Mikuni RS40 flatslides from Factory Pro

22-Jan-2000: Too damn cold outside +17F (-7C), I refuse to go outside today!

21-Jan-2000: Got the Trac Dynamics 10" swingarm, a piece of art! Picture 1 , 2 and 3

20-Jan-2000: Got a steal on a new 142/127 cfm gsxr head, $2200. Bought a used 3mm stroker crank, $375.

19-Jan-2000: Ordered a Cope Racing GSXR "Pro Stock" exhaust system, $400

19-Jan-2000: Cope Racing 1370 big bloc ordered, 86mm flat top pistons orderd, $800 & $500

18-Jan-2000: Sold the "old" PCN-101 Schnitz Progressive Controller, +$300

14-Jan-2000: NOS Fogger 2 soft plume nozzles ordered. NOS showerheads ordered. Three NOS 2 lb bottles ordered. $???

14-Jan-2000: Four new Falicon Knife Rods is on their way, $560

10-Jan-2000: A brand new 10" over Trac Dynamics swing arm is on it's way, $590

6-Jan-2000: Got my Schnitz Pro Street Ignition/Nitrous controller, $550


The y2k goodies!

* HOLESHOT PS-3, fully electric solenoid push button shifter (www.holehot.com)

* Pro Ported head, 31.5/27.5 ss valves, 142/127 cfm, relocated/spigots in/out (STAR RACING/unknown)


+ COPE RACING Pro System Exhaust

* MTC 85 mm 12:1 pistons, 1340cc (the 1371cc pistons have a dome, can use'em) with 0.6 mm deck heigh, 0.8 + 0.01 mm gaskets and my 22 cc head gives 11:1 in compression.

* FBG Lectron, 40mm, with Gann made NOS stacks

* FALICON Knife rods (www.holehot.com)

- FBG race cut box (I dunno, might get a billet GSXR box instead)

* SCHNITZ Pro Street ignition/nitrous controller

* DYNA 0.7 ohm coils

* DYNA DCT3-3 crank trigger

* DYNA Shift Minder x 2, one for manual shifts and one for fully automatic shifting

* TRAC DYNAMICS 10" braced swing arm (www.holehot.com)

* PROGRESSIVE 550# rear shock (www.holehot.com)

* Rear hugger (www.holehot.com)

* NOS nitrous system (www.holehot.com)


* = already got it
+ = on order
- = unsure

Rebuild Photos

31/27 head @ 44 mm 44 mm intake with raised floors intakes 36 mm exhaust port My ported and stock block compared Compare the ported and stock intakes!