...or, how to freeze and sweat in a 20' by 12' shed!

"Hello, my name is Anders and I am a horsepower junkie."

My plans for 2001 is less horsepower! Y2K was too much for my wallet, about $25000 total spent, phew!
Thanks to my great sponsor
www.holeshot.com (Dale, you're THE man) and some cool discount from Lynchburg Honda/Suzuki (Thanx Bob), Cope Racing (Thanx Jerry) and Carolina Cycle (Thanx James!) it's doable even for a money impaired nerd like me!

1-Dec-2001: Had the gixxer scrutinized by the local State Inspection so now I've got two street legal bikes! With nitrous and all...

19-Nov-2001: Fun weekend at Rockingham Dragway despite the fact that the gixxer wouldn't run sh*t. Either one of the ignition coils are shot or my brain's damaged sniffing too much nitrous. While on the juice it spits and sputters BAD... I've tried lean... I've tried spot on... I've tried rich... and tried too rich. Nothing seem to work. DOH!  I want my Lazer 5 head back!

11-Nov-2001: Oh well, the big head is warped - have to surface it. Was leaking on #1 and #2 front in between the studs.

9-Nov-2001: The big 31.5/27.5 spigot head with a CM GX9 intake and a WebCam #236 seem to work pretty good, 6.04 @ 121.5 mph with a really soggy 60 footer. The Lectron's are jetted a bit too rich and the bike falls on its face (well, kind of) after about 550 feet.

3-Nov-2001: Working on the gixxer motor. Installed two new pistons in the 1371 motor and honed the block as the new pistons was slightly larger. Have to use the big 31.5/27.5 head while the Lazer 5 head is repair at Lazer Mike. Damn, I hate running those Lectrons carbs.

2-Nov-2001: The Bandit's smoking the tire in 3rd gear! Running strong, no oil leaks, no smoke puffing, it was just oil remains in the muffler.

1-Nov-2001: The Bandit with Dale's 1216 10.8:1 pistons installed. The damn thing smokes! Wonder if it's just the exhaust pipe and muffler that's filled with oil. Have to wait until tomorrow noon to make any more noise at the shed. It's 1.40 am in the morning.

28-Oct-2001: Busted one piston in the Bandit. Nothing else damaged. Too damn cool and dry air!

27-Oct-2001: Busted two pistons in the gixxer. Nothing else damaged.

25-Oct-2001: 1216 Bandit cranked. No leaks, sounding good. Ready for the Friday Motorcycle Mania at VMP Dinwiddie VA.

24-Oct-2001: The small 1216 Bandit is taking shape. Motor is in the frame and just about camshafts left to degree.

19-Oct-2001: Finally got to test the gixxer with the 1371 motor and a decent shot of nitrous. 5.65 @ 143 mph! Bad 1.50 60'. Things are working again. Lowered the fuel pressure 0.5 PSI after the first 135 mph pass as the motor was breaking up (sputter sputter) on top end. If it's too lean it will just fade away and not misfire.

Have been wrenching on the Bandit (old gsxr motor) this week. Installed Falicon rods and put the cases back together. Managed to strip some of the threads in a HeliCoil'ed M10x1.25 stud hole, will probably work okay.

Some normal random ET's from Swedis Super Pro Street Bikes (68" wheelbase and 8" slick)
Kai Selkämaa    1,506  5,349@236  8,029@295 km/h
Patrik Lindberg 1,590  5,684@218  8,584@270 km/h
Stig Fagerli    1,495  5,589@219  8,532@266 km/h
Tomas Hellberg  1,422  5,459@219  8,479@248 km/h

13-Oct-2001: Installed the 1371 kit I got from James at CC on Friday evening (they fixed it in ONE day!) in the gixxer.

Kai Selkämaa 1,506 5,349/236 8,029/295
Patrik Lindberg 1,590 5,684/218 8,584/270
Stig Fagerli 1,495 5,589/219 8,532/266
Tomas Hellberg 1,422 5,459/219 8,479/248.

11-Oct-2001: (My email to Dennis at Schnitz Racing)

Dennis, in the PNC-101 you could adjust the PCM frequency from 20 to 40 Hz. Is there a similar (hidden) feature in the Pro Street DSC-98PS (w enh sw) I can tweak, like set it to 10 Hz to overcome some of the drawback the nitrous "buffer" phenomena in between the solenoid and the metering jets. I already know about the undocumented NOS rpm window feature in the diagnostic mode.

If you've read my "diary" at dragbike.com forums during the couple of weeks you'll get a better idea what I'm talking about. http://forums.dragbike.com/discus/messages/671/6008.html

The Cheater fuel solenoid is almost linear (within a couple of percent) in its behavior from 20% to 100% but the nitrous solenoids behave completly different since there's a buffer of liquid nitrous in between the outlet of the solenoid body and the metering jets at foggers. This will make a 20% (as set) shot of nitrous deliver 75% and a 50% shot delivered about 85%.

I've tried everything. A Pro Shot, Cheater, Cheater with a high Amp solenoid, Super Powershot and a Powershot solenoid with NOS showerheads, BDE showerheads, plastic lines and braided lines. Different metering jets, different staggering from size 24 up to 34. My nitrous system is capable of flowing nitrous enough for a 350 hp shot.

My current setup consists of a single stage progressive 31n/29f 20%-100% over 2.5 seconds. Cheater fuel, Pro Shot safety nitrous solenoid, Super Powershot (reacts fastest of all nitrous solenoids I've tested) nitrous solenoid with a #65 metering jet in its outlet and I've installed the four metering jets #31 at the showerhead instead of at the foggers. This makes a 20% shot deliver 50%, a 50% shot delivers 75% and a 100% shot delivers 100%.

That makes the NOS/FUEL ratio to be 3.8:1 at 100%, 5.4:1 at a 50% shot and 7.8:1 at a 20% shot. Pretty safe but way too rich on top end.

I've never experienced a too lean symptom as you mention in the User Manual for the Pro Series II controller.

I guess I can't patch the embedded code myself as you've probably have enabled the security feature in the MC68S711E9 processor with the "MS 103F 05" command. Yep, I work with such stuff for a living too at Ericsson Inc. ;-)

How much would it cost to have the software modified so that the "lower NOS rpm window" is set to a fixed 3000 rpm and to
replace that "selector function" with an adjustable solenoid pulse frequency from 5 to 30 Hz?

Thanks a lot in advance,

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie


9-Oct-2001: (posted at dragbike.com) Progressive NOS, a fairy tale? Has anyone else measured the different N2O flow rates at different progressive settings? Using a Cheater, Pro Shot, Powershot or Super Powershot solenoid doesn't make a difference. With no metering jets installed my system is capable of flowing 2 pounds in 5 seconds. That has to be close to a 350 hp shot. I'm using only 30% of its capacity.

Even with the NOS showerhead mounted directly on the solenoid body and metering jets on the showerhead side of the lines to the foggers it gives 46% with a 20% shot, 75% with a 50% shot. By putting the metering jets at the foggers using only 4" long lines a setting of 50% (set in the controller) gives a 87% nos shot. A 20% setting on the controller gives a flow of 75%. Argh!

The lines apparently act as a buffer for the liquid nitrous. I can't figure out what could cause the "too much nitrous" phenomena other than that. The braided lines are worse than the thinner plastic lines. No wonder you have to set the nos/fuel ratio closer to 4:1 for a motor to run at all at settings below 75% on the controller as the nos/fuel ratio at a controller setting of 50% would give a nos/fuel ratio of near 8:1 which is way too lean. 5:1 works okay at 100% but during a progressive shot that becomes WAY too lean.

Are there any smaller solenoids available than the Powershot that you can put directly at the foggers? It has to be impossible to make the nitrous side as linear as the fuel side if you don't do it that way.

Am I out in the blue and just babbling?

/anders - no hair left to pull...

7-Oct-2001: It's 3:30 am in the morning and I've just replaced the big Pro Shot solenoid with a smaller Super Powershot solenoid and plastic lines. This "too lean" situation when the distribution block and lines acts as a buffer for the liquid nitrous MUST be solved in some way. How? I dunno. Shot a spark plug in the SBRA quarter final. Finally made some rounds.

5-Oct-2001: 4:45 am in the morning, cranked the motor again with a smaller 1216 13.5:1 kit installed. The 1371 #4 piston had melted around one of the intake pockets. Rings got stuck and scuffed the sleeve. Cost, somewhere near $300 I guess.

4-Oct-2001: Finally got it working. Blew piston #4... the day before the SBRA Bracket Finals, how nice. Out to the shed 10.30 pm to wrench.

29-Sep-2001: I give up! The High Energy coil didn't make the Cheater work any better. By replacing the Cheater with a much smaller Super Powershot it's almost linear. It's only delivering 10% too much nitrous at a 50% shot compared to the Cheater that gives 25% too much. The Powershot seem to be the better choise in my application (with size 31 nos jets).

By comparing the design of the Cheater and Powershot you can tell that the plunger in the Cheater gets lifting help from the incoming nitrous stream while the Powershot plunger is almost out of the way from the incoming nitrous orifice. I also think that the input/output pressure difference have a great impact. Maybe the Cheater will work if using NOS jets that max out the solenoids flow capacity?

Is there anyone else out there that have done this kind of "Shade Tree" tuning. Does the Cheater nitrous solenoid work for you at a 50% shot?

Has anyone tried the "Alloy Solenoids" that Orient Express is importing from the UK?

/I'm resting this case for now...

27-Sep-2001: Follow-up: The std Cheater nitrous solenoid behaves very strange. I've redone the whole nitrous plumbing with a Pro Shot safety (basically a Cheater but with a slightly bigger orifice but are using the same coil) and a Cheater progressive.

With no lines connected using the black NOS showerhead and 1/16-3AN fittings, 900 PSI both times.
50% shot over 5 sec, 0.325 kg
100% shot over 5 sec, 0.540 kg, diff 14% from ideal. Pretty much as expected as the Cheater is most probably maxed out and is close to a 250 hp shot worth of nitrous.

#31 nitrous jets, braided lines, soft plume foggers, 800 PSI both times.
50% during 5 sec, 0.270 kg (86% too much)
100% during 5 sec, 0.335 kg
Diff, only 14 percent. Crap!

#31 nitrous jets, plastic lines with the jets at the showerhead instead at the foggers, 900 PSI both times.
20%, during 5 sec, 0.185 kg (50% too much)
50% during 5 sec, 0.270 kg (25% too much)
100% during 5 sec, 0.355 kg
Diff, a bit better, 25%.

Apparently the NOS jet position (showerhead or fogger) doesn't affect the 100% shot consumption but DOES have an effect when the solenoid is pulsating. That also makes sense as the fogger lines acts as a buffer.

What also makes sense is that the Cheater solenoid's coil is too small (have too many windings) so when it's being shut off the inverse current flow (EMK) can't be drained as quick as we want, thus making is stay open too long. I guess that's why there are high current Cheater solenoid coils to buy... Expensive knowledge. :) For small shots (less than #26 jets) that "feature" isn't that noticable but for #31... it is. I've set the fuel pressure way too rich now so it should be safe even for a 50% shot. I'll follow-up tomorrow night after a couple of passes at VMP Dinwiddie. <sigh>

26-Sep-2001: A single 62 jet inside the 1/8" on the solenoid output flowed the same as four 31 jets at the shower head. Uhm, I'll try and switch from poly to -3AN tomorrow.

Yes, I was testing with 50% to 50% over 5 seconds and compared it to 100% to 100% over 5 seconds. I know that all lines should be equal
to have the same flow numbers unless you tune the foggers individually. I don't have an exhaust temp datalogger so I'm pretty nervous from
time to time.

What's the difference between a Cheater and a Pro Shot nitrous solenoid? The coils (inside) have identical numbers and current draw are the
same and the valve body also looks the same but have different NOS part numbers.

25-Sep-2001: Testing the nitrous jetting. A 50% shot (50% pulse width) gives only 8 percent less nitrous than a 100% shot! The liquid nitrous in the plumping, like the shower head, 1/8" short pipe and plastic lines act as a buffer. I put the metering jets at the shower head (that wasn't easy, had to modify the jets) and the difference between a 50 and a 100% shot went from only 8% to 25%. It means that I'm on the right track! I'm probably going to put one large metering jet in the 1/8" NPT pipe directly after the solenoid. Thanks Burgerman for the tip! No wonder the Pro Mod guys are running 2 to even 3-stage systems, but it shouldn't really be neccessary.

23-Sep-2001: Oh well, I'm getting used to shortshifting @ 8k so todays race wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Finally I won a race.

22-Sep-2001: Pinched o-ring on the alternator made the brushes/collector non-conducting and drained the battery. The starter cranked pretty good but not enough power for the ignition so finally it backfired one time to many and damaged the starter motor and the starter clutch bolt came loose.

21-Sep-2001: Now what? The bike STILL doesn't run good. I didn't change the battery... I got a new one in the shed to install.

20-Sep-2001: A 1/8" NPT pipe between the nitrous safety and the main nitrous solenoid was broken leaking nitrous while using the go-fast button. That explains EVERYTHING. Found "gunk" in the RS40 #4 fuel screen, explains the melted spark plug. Stock OEM Suzuki steel plates are warped from factory and they need "some" work before they will work okay, explains the slipping clutch. A Holeshot PS3 shifter solenoid wire was shorting out during shifts making the Schnitz Pro Street box go nutes. The signal generator wires was making it leak oil when cranked up. The shifter linkage had stripped threads. The nitrous safety solenoid had a bad TIG weld on the plunger housing making it leak! I'm aiming for mid 5.50s this weekend while working on the "old" gixxer motor. Installing Falicon rods and heavy duty wrist pins.

9-Sep-2001: Sometimes you wonder why you're doing this! Here's the message posted at BANDITS_R_US mialing list

Anders Brink <anders.brink@lynchburg.net> 12:31 AM
Subject: Re: Bandits R US > Farmington- hey Anders
To: Bandits@topica.com

Ed Henderson wrote:
> Sorry you couldn't have joined us at Framington; there was a
> good turnout, track was *very* sticky.

I made the right decision, I was working my butt off at the
track today to try and make the clutch not slipping. But no,
whatever I tried it was still slipping. Burnt up two new sets
of clutch plates, $153 a set. I even tried three Barnett springs
and used an extra long bolt and two extra M6 nuts on each arm
but hell no... it was still slipping in 3rd gear and up. F*CK!

5.70 @ 136 was the best it would with a slipping clutch as
I watched the shift light being pegged all the time. It was
not spinning the rear tire - I could tell by the way the
clutch plates looked like. EVERYONE was blue, even the
inner and outer steel plate. I dunno what to do now <sigh>.

You 5.58 @ 138 mph bidders, I'll buy you guys a lunch
at Fish's Fall.

> I actually won my first round of competition : ) plus hit a couple of personal
> best numbers- including best 60' time to date, 1.800... best run was .505 RT,
> 1.84 60', 6.976 ET @ 110.462... since my cherished 136.5 mph pass at Rockingham
> had eighth-mile numbers of 7.702 @ 105.19 I feel like I made a bit of progess
> this weekend.

That's a great improvement! I can tell by your decent 60 footer,
high speed but high ET that you let go of the clutch a bit too
soon and bogged down a bit. You know you're overdoing it when
you fry the clutch plates now and then.

Here's a "launching method template":
I'm shifting onto 2nd gear at the 60' marker!

> Are you thinking of coming down this way to the Fish's Custom race?

Bike or no bike, I'll be there.

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie

8-Sep-2001: The clutch was slipping with three Barnett springs and the WUSS lock-up clutch installed! 5.68 @ 128 as I had to go down to 70% on the progressive. That was making the air/fuel mixture 20% too rich (shitty NOS fuel pressure regulator) and the motor was breaking-up/sputtering bad above 9000 rpm.

7-Sep-2001: The 1371 motor in the gixxer is ONE WILD BEAST with 15/53 gearing. Whoa, 5.74 @ 120 mph (shutting off)!

3-Sep-2001: The 1371 motor is bolted into the gixxer frame. Minor stuff left to assemble.

2-Sep-2001: Pulled the motors out of both my bikes. The B12 1371 motor is being put into the gixxer while I beef up the old tired gixxer motor with some heavy duty Falicon rods, APE wrist pins and a new big bore kit. Planning on extending the Bandit's Trac Dynamic 10" swingarm another 4 inches (to become adjustable from 66" to 70").

22-Aug-2001: Replaced the gixxer's stuck purge button. Added a purge relay on both bikes. The Bandit purge solenoid had a FUEL coil, no wonder it didn't want to purge above 700 psi (label peeled off) - had a Super PowerShot laying in the parts bin. Replaced the rear wheel bearings on both bikes.

14-Aug-2001: Went back to 31n @ 900 PSI and 30f at 5.10 and 4.6 PSI indicated (I've got two fuel gauges installed ;-). With the nekkid Bandit and Pro-Flo clip-on's I should be able to keep it down a bit more that two weeks ago. NOS/fuel ratio set to 5.22:1 (average for 4 measurments).

12-Aug-2001: Finally I broke into 5.60 with the Bandit. 5.60 @ 137 mph with a 30 hp less than last week. 30n/29f setup with 20% to 100% shot over 4.5 seconds (yeah I know, I could have stepped up quite some...). Probably too rich as it didn't bang at all today.

9-Aug-2001: When you're feeling nauseous you know you're dangerously close to a heat stroke! +82 and 100% humidity isn't comfortable when you're wrenching on the bike. I'll be racing the gixxer this weekend... couldn't finish the Bandit.

8-Aug-2001: Fuel solenoid moved 1-1/2 lower. Replaced the steel braided fuel lines with black nylon lines. Installed a nitrous purge. Modified the starter button to act a the go-fast-switch. Nitrous/Fuel jets chanegd to 30/29 and the mixture set to a weight ratio of 5.13:1. A bit rich (3%), but the day time heat raises the nitrous pressure about 10% anyhow (at +90F it's 1000 PSI) so I just purge it to just above 900 PSI.

6-Aug-2001: Modifying the Bandits fuel system for the nitrous. Have to put the fuel solenoid lower than the intakes as they will drain dry between rounds and by that cause a 1/2 second delay in the nitrous kick on the track. Also replacing the braided fuel lines with the small thin black lines just to have a quicker nitrous response. The nitrous comes fast enough as it's at 900 PSI. The fuel only has got about 6 PSI.

5-Aug-2001: Here's some pictures of an brave ol' man, Mr TURBO JOHN himself!
Turbo John looking cool! Turbo John looking cool! Turbo John's tricked out bike! Turbo John's nice looking bike!

3-Aug-2001: The Bandit works really good now, except for the clutch that's a bit too stiff and the nitrous that doesn't give me that immediate "hit" anymore - but I have to say... IT RULES ON TOP END! 4th gear wheelie @ 136 mph! Which gives funny 144 mph readings! :-) Yeah Baby!

31-July-2001: Shawn Garrigan changed his mind ;-), the basic starting point is 5.24 parts nitrous to 1 part fuel (both in weight). The previous 5.12:1 ratio is 3% richer than 5.24:1. jfyi!

27-July-2001: Winner's Circle at Natural Bridge! :-) Another Trophy! ;-)

26-July-2001: NITROUS JUNKIES! If you haven't read this before at dragbike.com. DO IT NOW!

The ideal nos/fuel consumption is 5.12 parts NOS to 1 part fuel in weight according to the Top Fuel veteran Shaw Garrigan. Use a high resolution kitchen scale and measure over a given time (like 10 seconds). Just watch out so you don't activate the nitrous solenoids too long as it will nuke the nitrous coil (burn baby burn!) in about 20 to 30 seconds if they don't flow any nitrous through them.

I was 37% too rich on fuel on the GSXR and 47% too rich on the Bandit. No wonder they both ran like crap... More like an air/fuel ratio of 7:1 but since they get mixed up by what the carb supports it was more close to 9:1 to 10:1 air/fuel ratio. Anyhow, TOO damn rich. Like running a 2" mod B12 with #150 jets instead of 127.5. That wont work!

Conclusion, don't ever trust a fuel pressure gauge. I have three, a NOS, a Holley and a Moroso. They all show different reading for the same pressure - they differ up to 2 PSI and it's affected by temperature up to a stunning 3 PSI between 60F and 90F!

The gixxer is now setup to use #28 NOS jets and #26 fuel jets at an indicated fuel pressure of 5 PSI (which I don't trust at all). I measured the fuel and NOS consumption to get the 5.12n:1f ratio.

The Bandit has got #31 nitrous jets and #30 fuel jets with an indicated fuel pressure of 5.5 PSI (which I don't trust here either ;) and I have a ratio of 5.05:1 of nos/fuel. A tad rich since I want to be safe if the NOS pressure is 50 to 100 PSI above 900 PSI as I don't have a purge on the Bandit yet.

Note, the fuel pressure readings I mention here is with NO flow. I didn't look what it was when it was flowing but probably about 1 PSI lower than that. We'll see how this works this upcoming weekend

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie


22-July-2001: Both bikes are have problems with the nitrous setup. For some reason 4.5 PSI doesn't work with a spread of two on the jets. This is getting REALLY weird. What the heck is so damn differrent now than in the past? Nothing! Is my supplier of nitrous oxide giving me crappy laughing gas? I'm really confused now...

17-July-2001: Dyno Testing!

Got another "free" Dyno session at Harley Davidson Of Lynchburg
in exchange for two small "HD Of Ly" decals to put on my bikes.

First in was the gixxer that did a burnout on the dyno bed
when it was squatting down. :) Last two pulls a bit better.
154 hp on motor and 234 with nitrous. A little too rich with
nitrous on top end, I'll just step up a size on the juice. :)
This is with the head I bought from a list member, just had
the intakes replaced with 30 mm stainless on the stock seats.

The Bandit... I knew that something was wrong with the nitrous
system fuel delivery so I didn't have that high expectations.
184 hp on motor and 271 hp with nitrous at 8000 rpm, after
that it fell on its face due to fuel starvation. An interpolation
from the gixxer nitrous graph indicates somewhere near 320 hp. YES!

Both graph's been posted on my Dyno Page.

Conclusion: The gsxr - is pretty much spot on in the
carburetion but a tad too rich with nitrous turned on.
Motor likes to be warmed up but not hot. Ideal for
dragracing. Camshafts too retarded but I can't set
them any earlier due to lack of valve/piston clearance.

The Bandit, ugly dip at peak torque when warmed up, clearly
an indication that it's too rich as the not-warmed-up pull
was much smoother with no dips. Have to do some serious
debugging of the nitrous fuel system. The camshafts is
too retarded on the Bandit too as the peak hp is at
10500 rpm where the rev limiter is set at. Once again,
the valve to piston clearance sets the limit.

I wish I had a 320 hp Bandit! Soon, real soon now! :-)

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie

13-July-2001: 5.64 @ 132 with the small gsxr. Finally just nailed it in 1st gear and short shifted as soon as it came up on me and it floated throughout 2nd gear. Really nice pass!

12-July-2001: Installed a Blue Holley fuel pump on the Bandit. Installed a V&H 12002P pipe on the gixxer.

7-July-2001: The Schnitz box at 20-75% works pretty good but set at 20-100% over the same time does NOT! WTF is happening, maybe the pump flow just isn't right. Dunno... it's going faster with the smaller setting anyway. CRAP!

Okay, here you have the re-run - Ryan Schnitz 7.78 pass @ 196 mph at Rockingham spring 2001, simply amazing!
Only viewable with Internet Explorer with Windows Media Video V8 decoder installed. Netscape DOES NOT work.

6-July-2001: Installed a Holley fuel pressure gauge, shows 1 PSI more than the liquid filled Moros gauge. Oh well, I'll take the average value then.

2-July-2001: The RED Holley fuel pump on the Bandit was only putting out lousy 2.5 PSI! No wonder it didn't pull like it used to. The bypass valve spring seems to be a bit soft. I suggest you check YOUR fuel pump too. Streched the spring and it's now up to 7 PSI again. Uhm, I might go with the larger BLUE fuel pump instead, we'll see...

25-June-2001: Bike fell off the trailer in a sharp low speed turn. Two (rated 1500 lbs) straps on one side snapped (damn UV rays!) and the bike went over and forward and the gastank hit the bumper on the car and came to a rest on its left side. The gastank is mashed on top. Left front rotor warped. Windshield in two pieces. Left rear plastic scraped. Left rear grab rail grinded half-way off. Left rear axle nut grinded. No other dings! Bought four NEW 1500 lbs rachet tie-down straps today.

12-June-2001: The Bandit motor is a dog! No top end power (well, 6.10 @ 119 mph no nitrous) but the nitrous "kick" doesn't happen anymore. Dunno what's wrong... seem to be way too rich. Well, I'm off to Sweden to race at Bike Weekend so that have to wait until I get back.

3-June-2001: The gixxer clutch is on it's way south, again. The B12 is fixed with the Brock Davidson modification, 137 mph!

New pictures of the gixxer:

19-May-2001: The damn clutch wont cope with all the horsepower, not even with 2 Barnett and TWO stock springs. I have to f*ck*ng use the lockup clutch. I hate that!

15 to 17-May-2001: Replaced a slingshot head on a gsxr750 at Bobby & Ricky Cundiff's place in Roanoke.

14-May-2001: Installed the Schnitz head on Chris' 1216 gsxr motor and timed the cams to 107.5/109.

4-May to 9-May-2001: Fixed the GSXR using the 92 small head using RS36. Sold the RS38. Installed the RS40 and .370 intake on the Bandit. Got my 40mm Lectron's back again. :-) Fixed a broken valve and guide on the Schnitz head I sold to a guy (who shot the motor on his first pass!). Maybe a pass on the Dyno tomorrow if HD Of Lynchburg has got time for me.

3-May-2001: Supposed to adjust the gsxr valves and adjust the cam timing (they're just set "as is" now). Floats on the RS38 to 17mm.

23-Apr to 2-May 2001: Installed a new clutch in the B12, again! Valves adjusted. Fixed the 92 head for the 90 gsxr. Cranked the gsxr.

22-Apr-2001: Something's fishy with the clutch. I've got too much horsepower for two Barnett springs. Have to fix the lock-up clutch.

18-Apr-2001: Degreed the cams. Intake opens at 20 degrees BTDC at .04" lift and the exhaust closes at 15 degrees ATDC at 0.04" lift.Cranked the motor, sounds good. A little lean as the temperature was only +35F.

16/17-Apr-2001: Pulled the Hays head and installing the Lazer 5 on the B12. Stripped cylinder stud threads in the used case I bought for the Bandit. 2 and 1/4 of M10x1.25 inserts made my day not that miserable. Cam timing left to do. Got a stock 1127 block for the gsxr to be bored to 1216 at Lynchburg Kawasaki.

15-Apr-2001: What the hell happend to the clutch, 2 Barnett springs couldn't handle "measly" 250 horses. Bandit went 5.90 @ 128 mph. The Hays cylinder head is REALLY bad. Have to epoxy it and remake it all over again.

14-Apr-2001: 5 minutes past midnight (I didn't manage to finish it on Friday the 13th, not on purpose), the big motor lives! A dreadful oil leak on front left stud has to be fixed though.

12-Apr-2001: Retorque'd the head. Degreed the GX9/GX7 cams to 107/112. Static ignition set to 12 degrees BTDC. It's damn close now!

11-Apr-2001: 31.5/27.5 spigot head's torqued on the Bandit. Check out these "case studies" from Bike Weekend in Vasteras Sweden summer 2000:
The whole series is found at http://hem.passagen.se/sportbike/bilder/evenemang/page_01.htm

9-Apr-2001: Pulled the gsxr head and block. Bore #4 is out of shape by 0.005", whoa! No wonder about that blow-by.

5-Apr-2001: Preparing for Eastside and Rockingham. The bike's on the trailer and the trunk's full of tools and stuff.

4-Apr-2001: Tinkering... and some more tinkering.

3-Apr-2001: Got to borrow a leakdown and compression test from Ed Henderson (thanks!). 35% leakdown in #4 on the gixxer confirmed my suspisions. The bore is way out of shape. Talk about blow-by. With the aid from some oil in the bore the leakdown was only 3%. The dynamic compression was 360 psi! Whoa, that's close to 15.5:1

2-Apr-2001: Torqued the cases and installed heavy-duty cylinder studs. Tomorrow is THE day, motor installation! Yeehaa!

1-Apr-2001: Plasti-gauged the rod big end bearings. All where within 0.002 to 0.0025, cool!

30-Mar-2001: The humungous blow-by wont go away. I think Lynchburg Kawasaki screwed up big time here. None of my bikes has thrown oil THIS bad before. Won the race.

28-Mar-2001: Installed a Pingle dual outlet fuel valve. Installed a nitrous purge kit and rerouted... everything. Got a 53 aluminum rear sprocket that I'm going to use with a 15 counter.

25-Mar-2001: After a looong nights sleep I woke up pretty late around 10am... ...and looked at the bike on the trailer... Habits... are hard to break. So after a quick 1/2 quart of coffee and the usual two roasted (whole wheat), orange marmalade and Wisconsin cheese I hit the shower for about 30 seconds and fired up the 'Bird and headed towards Waynesboro and Eastside Speedway.

Always late to the track these days... a quick "tweak" in the Schnitz box (1/2 second progressive ramp instead of 2.5) rushed to the lanes and... 5.82 @ 130.35 mph with a 1.48 60'. Nice, it's just a small 50 hp baby shot! The next two was both a 5.81 @ 129.9/128.47 with identical sixty footers of 1.47.

Elimination's, first a soggy 1.51 60' but cut down the tree. All other 60' was 1.4902, 1.4966, 1.4954 and 1.4985. By now you must have guessed it, yep... no mistakes, some luck and no redlights - so I grabbed the money today too. :-)

What a difference there is between a big track like Rockingham and my small home tracks. Much closer to everything and everyone knows each other and fools around BS'ing in a relaxed atmosphere. I actually enjoyed todays win more than yesterdays. There's a pack of young "Juiced Honda Civic" 9.45 ET guys that are really into it when my no-bar and muffled bike runs the same numbers as the stripped down, sissybar attached loud bikes. :)

Damn, I wonder how fast this gixxer would be if I snatched the BIG Bandit motor (content) and put a slider in it? 5.30?

I need to brace the swingarm. Even with an almost too tight chain it's jumping on the front sprocket (everything's new). CLICK CLICK CLICK at around the 60' marker. Where's the best place to find a 4 feet long 2"x1" I-beam aluminum profile of the best aircraft quality?

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie - #1*2 ;-)

24-Mar-2001: Someone asked how my day had been. Well, it started already on friday afternoon. Took 2 hours off and went to the shed and
wasn't "finished" until Saturday morning 2.30am. The alarm clock was set at 5.50am. Went to sleep around 3.30am...

Rockingham, round robin time trials between 10am to 2pm. I didn't get there until 11am but I got tired and bored of it after four trials as the stock petcock can't supply enough fuel on top end in the 1/4. Took 1/2 minute after each pass before I could start the bike again!

1st pass no juice, 6.20 @ 114.3 and 9.71 @ 139.2.
2nd pass 50 hp sprayed, 6.04 @ 122.8 and 9.26 @ 157.8. What blow-by? Soaked the leathers, helmet and bike!
3rd, 6.05 @ 121.6 and let off. I'm racing Pro ET and that's just 1/8 of a mile.
4th, 6.06 @ 119.7 and 9.35 @ 154.5
No point of doing more trials as the fuel system can't handle the full 1/4 and the ET on the 1/8 was consistent.

Had lunch and COFFEE (two gallons, almost ;).

Time to race!

1st round was easy as Mr Speaker announced, "Bye bye Anders".
A 5.96 @123.9 solo run on a 6.04 dial.

2nd round looser when I schlept (I probably would have said that, boy - was I tired or what!) at the tree. 6.004 @ 120.9

$40 buy-back into 3rd, I cut a .507 light and he was history.

4th round, the other guy wheelied. 6.11 @ 101 mph

5th round, I've lost that time slip. I let off big time.

Final! A 2-stroke dialed at 6.29 redlighted! 5.98 @ 122.3

But another $650 and (maybe) a $500 bonus didn't keep me from going home. I need to fix that fuel system. Don't want to replace my pistons this soon.

I'm REALLY tired... but at least I won the StripBike.Com Pro ET class at Rockingham!

/anders @ http://how.to/wheelie - $650, how much is that slider?

There was this Mr Turbo B12 (content ;) with MD plates. Dial in Street ET was 9.90 something. It looked good though,
but ran like crap. No other Banditos... I missed your support guys!

23-Mar-2001: Continued nitrous installation... finished at 2.30am (saturday) and went to bed at 3.30am. Up 5.50am to Rockingham!

21-Mar-2001: Continued nitrous installation... can't find a place for the Red Holley fuel pump - have to get me a small NOS instead.

20-Mar-2001: Continued nitrous installation. Bottle bracket, fuel pump etc...

19-Mar-2001: Took a looong nap when I came home...

18-Mar-2001: Crap, I already had a 14 tooth sprocket installed (14/48). Have to get me a 51 tooth rear instead. 6.36 @ 112 with RS36.

17-Mar-2001: Installing nitrous stuff... re-torqued the cylinder head, adjusted a couple of valves, installed RS36 and a 14 tooth sprocket

16-Mar-2001: Installing nitrous stuff...

15-Mar-2001: Got a 2nd set of Falicon rods. Photo of the big block and a 1371cc piston

14-Mar-2001: Taking it kind of easy... fixed the ignition kill for the electric shifter, installed the solnoid relay and made a 1-shot 100ms relay delay, NOS push-button at throttle, clutch 2-step installed. Got the 1371cc JE pistons and "no-name" big block from Carolina Cycle. Pistons need to have the valve pockets opened up, haveto have until the head is (lightly) bolted to the block so I can mark the pistons through the guides at 8 degrees BTDC and ATDC. Have to have the o-ring groove machined too... well, it could be easier. Got some nitrous gauges too... and ordered some Falicon Knife Rods - those damn guys at Falicon can't match my set until earliest in MAY! WTF, that halfway through the season! ACK!

11-Mar-2001: 6.36 @ 115 mph on the first EASY pass, 1.55 60'. Oops, I know what I forgot last night. A catch can for the crank vent! The piston rings aren't yet seated properly so it spewed oil like crazy. Best was 6.26 @ 115 with a mediocre 1.50 60'. Too tall gearing, I'll change the15/48 to a 14/48 combo. It bogged at around the 60' marker when the small motor couldn't pull enough with that gearing.

Specs: 1990 gsxr 1100, 13:1 JE 1216, WebCam #236 .370" @ 104/107, 12" streched, Mikuni RS38, 88-89 gsxr750 head 31/26 Lazer 5.

10-Mar-2001: Well, bikes ready to race 12.30 AM in the morning. It's been a busy week. Didn't have time to fix the Holeshot PS3 shifter. Don't have a chain guard either, have to fix that one.

6-Mar-2001 : Nothing much happens these days... too cold. Got the lightened and polished B12 crank plasti-gauged and two sets of new bearings installed. Virgil's still struggling with welding the big valve head. He's good - but slow. Bought some more nitrous stuff, throttle assembly etc...

4-Mar-2001 : The 1216 15.25:1 motor is in one piece with the Lazer Stage 5 head on top. Started wiring of the Schnitz box. RS38.

26- Feb-2001 : Got back the two blocks. One o-ring groove had been done bad, can use it though. Block and head is on.

18- Feb-2001 : Tinker tinker... done with the gixxer swingarm and suspension. Fiddling with cylinder heads and crank bearings etc.

14- Feb-2001 : Now what? What's next to do... do I start with the Bandit motor or try and get the gixxer put together? Dunno... I better stay in the sofa and think some more about it! ;-)

13- Feb-2001 : Finished the 92 1100 head, now it just needs some spacers for the rocker arm conversion. Easy fix.

12-Feb-2001: Two cylinder blocks to Lynchburg Kawasaki for 1216 bore & hone plus power rings. Also left the Schnitz head for "examination" to a maybe-buyer. If I get four new Goodyear Eagle tires for my Firebird I'm happy.

11- Feb-2001: ...more rear suspension work on the gixxer. What a PITA! Don't ever try and put a 94 Banana arm onto a -90 unless you've got a machine shop or got plenty of doe.

10- Feb-2001: Did some rear suspension work on the gixxer.

8-Feb-2001: Back from a 16 day trip to Sweden. Yikes, season's almost here! Where do I start? HELP!

19-Jan-2001: Got a stock 89 gsxr750 in the mail today. Impressive pile of heads in my closet now! (click the image for larger view)

Hey, I better have some spares this year! :-)

15-Jan-2001: Fell asleep on the sofa, how nice! ;)

two-step flames On the two-step, showing off in front of the photografer. ;-)

Nice old GSX Henrik Grenmarks nice "old antique" GSX, Swedish Craftsmanship!

14-Jan-2001: To fit a 94 swingarm to a 90 gixxer isn't that easy as I thought. Click for larger images.

90 gixxer 12" limo 90 gixxer 12" limo

13-Jan-2001: What's up? Went to Sweden for Christmas... I've got five cylinder heads (picture 1 and picture 2) on the kitchen table in various states. Doing some final porting to a 91 shim style 28.5/25 head that I'm converting to rocker style. The carbs at the bottom in the pictures are three Mikuni RS flatslides, 36, 38 and 40 mm. Bought a new B12 crank, lightened and polished by Falicon (picture 1 and picture 2).

Still got that huge 31.5/27.5 spigot head, still needs to be welded on #1 and #4 exhaust ports at the oil return, minor. Might be put on the gixxer.
The Lazer 31/26 head has been fixed with 3 intakes and 2 exhaust valves. Tip top shape. This is a keeper!
The Schnitz 28.5/26 head has been freshened up with 5 new intake valves. Boy, those valves was almost going through the seats!
The 91 head is a good one, just 28.5/25 stainless valves but the port job quite a beauty.
The iny tiny 750 Katana head is just for practice... still waiting for that 88-89 750 gixxer head to show up. We'll see what to do about that one.

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