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Anders Brink's motorcycle shed

Five new bikes in the barn, VS1400 -91, GPz1100 -81, 2 x GSF1200, GSX600F -97

Updated: 28 February 2021 23:44:46 +0200

Youtube video of me doing street legal racing

lunda040812_1.avi Racing @ Lunda Air Field, part 1
lunda040812_2.avi Racing @ Lunda Air Field, part 2
https://andersbrink.se/brink-lunda-90-gixxer-turbo.wmv (5 Mb) Me racing at Lunda Air Field 2004-07-29
https://andersbrink.se/lunda040729.mpg (55 Mb) Lunda Air Field 2004-07-29 by Westby

sps8-1_tn.jpg (2413 bytes) The new 1292cc turbo gixxer sps8-2_tn.jpg (2961 bytes)
6th pass ever, 5.54 @ 217 km/h (135 mph) in the 1/8 with only 10 PSI boost

Cool guys have all the luck!1371cc gixxer on nitrous!Goes 5.60 @ 137 mph in the 1/8 mileBike Weekend 2006Goes 5.63 @ 143 mph in the 1/8 mile (too lean)1371cc gixxer on nitrous!

Recent results

Bike Weekend Västerås, Quickest Turbo, winner, 2006
Street & Strip Midsummer Festival Orsa, SGB, winner, 2006 (arbetarbladet)
X-treme Speed Festival Västerås, Outlaw, winner, 2006
Borlänge Street Open, SGB, winner, 2006 (arbetarbladet)
MSSR cup winner, Super Gas Bike, 2006

Stockholm Open Street Race, Tullinge, 2nd 2005
Uppsala/Gävle Open Street Race, Lunda, 2nd 2005
Lunda Outlaw Cup, Lunda, 1st 2005

Stockholm Cup 3rd Super Pro Street Bike 2004,
Borlänge Open 1st 2004

Lazzat Strip Challenge 1st 2003,
Swedish Dragracing Legue 2nd 2003,
Uppsala Cup 3rd 2003

Lazzat Strip Challenge 1st 2002
Stockholm Open (street race) 2nd 2002

Eastside Speedway 2nd 2001, New London Dragstrip 4th 2001, Natural Bridge Dragstrip 4th 2001
Eastside Speedway 4th 2000, New London Dragstrip 4th 2000, Natural Bridge Dragstrip 8th 2000
Eastside Speedway Motorcycle Champion 1999, New London Dragstrip Motorcycle Champion 1999
Natural Bridge Dragstrip Motorcycle Runner-Up 1999, SBRA Champion Of Champions Runner-Up 1999

As of 2002 I've moved back from the US to Sweden and I'm now racing
Super Pro Street Bike, Super Gas Bike and Outlaw Street in the Swedish SDC,
NDRS and MSSR series + some special "outlaw" events. No more street racing!

Buddies shootin' some breeze... The 1371 cc Bandit There's nothing such as a free ride!The 1371 cc Bandit Who needs sissy bars, not me!
Rule #1: Don't try to outrun the cops...

"So, how fast is it?" I dunno really ... but here's some clues.

1371 Bandit: 184 hp @ 10200 rpm, 271 hp @ 8000 rpm (way too lean) with nitrous
1216 gsxr: 154 hp @ 10500 rpm, 234 hp @ 9800 rpm with nitrous                        

1/8 mile:  5.65 sec @ 143 mph (231 km/h) (gixxer, nitrous)
1/8 mile:  5.60 sec @ 137 mph (219 km/h) (bandit, nitrous)
1/8 mile:  6.04 sec @ 118 mph (191 km/h) (bandit, motor only)
1/4 mile:  8.63 sec @ 151 mph (243 km/h) (gixxer, no nitrous after the 1/8 mile)
1/4 mile:  8.91 sec @ 159 mph (256 km/h) (bandit, nitrous with way too much fuel)

This page dedicated to Nick Stagg (son of Brad Stagg, IDBA S/ET Champ 1998) killed in an accident in August 1999 on his way to the drag strip to race his bike and IDBA 1999 Super Eliminator and Street ET points leader Scott Grigaliunas and his wife who was murdered in their home 10/8/1999 and fellow Bandit rider John Coe 12/3/2000. Got to know all of them at the race track and/or the Internet and I will truly miss my friends. RIP.

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