Drag racing results 2001

Date Results Track Notes  $3452
2/2/02 NB   Dragstrip banquet, picked up the 4'th place trophy and some gas money $50
11/18 - TR Fish's Fall Nationals, 4th round... Zzzzz... lazy lights. No nitrous.
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More (official) photos from Fish's Fall
11/17 - TR Fish's Fall Nationals, 3rd round couldn't run the numbers. "Tried" nitrous...  
11/16   TR I get 2 miles per gallon at the dragstrip. Something tells me that I'm running rich with the Lectron 40s. ;-)  
11/11   PD Test and tune. Lectron's still too rich. Cylinder head is warped and is leaking on #1 and #2. Quick fix...  
11/9   VMP Test and tune. Lectron's too rich, 6.04 @ 121.5 mph no juice.  
11/3 2nd 4th ES/NL Eastside Speedway and New London Dragway awards party, also got a Sportsman Of The Year award! 100
10/28 - ES Burned one pistons in the Bandit.  
10/27 - VMP Burned two pistons in the gixxer.  
10/26 - VMP Motorcycle Mania, street ET @ 6 pm. Burnt a hole in an oil hose. Damaged the front of the 'Bird on a dog.  
10/21 - PD Red light, red light. 5.67@137, 5.66@136, 5.64@134, weather slowed down the speed (+80F today!)  
10/19   VMP Only two passes. 5.86 @ 135 mph pulling a wheelie. Then a 5.65 @ 143 mph with a bad 1.50 60', wow!  
10/14   NL Power outage and rain. Double trouble!  
10/12   VMP Test and tune. Think I finally nailed the nos/fuel mixture.  
10/7 quart ES SBRA Bracket Finals, shot a spark plug in the quarter but it didn't matter - I cut a .040 light against a 0.010 50
10/6 - ES SBRA Bracket Finals, f*ck*ng red light. Shot all FOUR spark plugs clean. Racers 50/50 payout 52
10/5 - ES SBRA Bracket Finals. f*ck*ng red light.  
10/4   PD Test and tune. 5.66 @ 133. Blew a hole in piston #4, how nice! It's going to be a long night of hard work...  
9/30 - ES 3nd round screw-up! Lost by 0.005 when I let off too soon.  
9/29 - NB Out in 2nd round when it wouldn't shift to 5th gear. Race canceled @ 11.35 pm before 3rd round. No time.  
9/28   VMP 5.71 @ 134 mph, carbs full of debri and the nitrous system is a joke, ARGH!  
9/23 1st NL Pure luck. Too hot, too large main jets + too much fuel while on the juice. We split the money. 175
9/22   NB 1st round red light. Bikes running better without the air pods.  
9/21 - ES 1st round red light. Bike's running like sh*t! WTF!  
9/16 - ES 3rd round sputter. Problems problems problems... bad battery, broken nitrous plumbing etc etc etc  
9/15 - NB 1st round red light. Bike's falling on its face at 8000 rpm, crap - it's WAY too rich again. What happend?  
9/14   VMP Bike's running like sh*t! Would die and sputter when I was shifting (found a pinched cable Saturday)  
9/9 - NL Destroyed two brand new clutches, $153 each. Clutch slipping in 1st round. Too much power.  
9/8 - NB 2nd round red light. Clutch slipping with three Barnett and the lock-up clutch! 5.68 @ 128 (way too rich)  
9/7 - ES Out in 2nd round. Ran a 5.746 on a 5.74 dial but had a 0.068 light against a 0.038. I thought I had him, the
slow 8.30 second street bike, when he pulled two wheelies but he was "kind of" sandbagging, 8.314. DUH!
9/1 - NB  0.03 red light in 2nd round  
8/31   ES Four oil-down's, 45 minutes each, doesn't make a race. At 10.30 pm we where still in 1st round, canceled.  
8/26 - NL 1st round red light, ARGH! The Bandit needs some major overhaul in the suspension and rear end.  
8/25 quart NB Fourth round big time wheelie (short shifting twice) and I was 0.05 off my 5.76 dial (videos and a picture) 10
8/24 2nd ES 0.04 red light in the final. 5.69 @ 133 with the gixxer.
The track officials screwed up (allowed another/new rider on the other bike) so I will get winner points!
8/18 - NB This dumbass was letting off in 3rd round when he KNEW it wouldn't run the numbers and then lost by 0.01  
8/17 - ES A bad day racing is better that a good day at work! Clutch is acting funny.  
8/12 quart NL Got lazy in 3rd round. New 5.60 ET record with the Bandit!  
8/11   NB Rain  
8/10   ES Rain  
8/4 2nd NB A really bad .440 red light ended my evening. We split the money. Bandit's running GOOD! 275
8/3 2nd ES Break out, 5.73 @ 136.7 mph while trying to catch a 0.01 light with my slow 0.05 light. 144 mph! 75
7/30   NL Rain  
7/29   NB Rain  
7/28 semi ES Bad redlight. Gixxer's running the numbers again, 5.70 @ 133, it's cool when theory works! 20
7/22 - ES To win you need good reaction and to be able to run the numbers... Both bikes acting up!  
7/21 1st NB Almost blew it when I "bagged" a bit too much, won with 0.002 seconds. Split the money.
Press release: http://www.nbspeedway.com/dr072101.htm
Winner's circle: http://www.nbspeedway.com/pictures/2001/AndersBrinkbikewinjuly21.gif
7/20 - ES 2nd round redlight  
7/15 - NL 1st round 0.0017 second red light  
7/14 2nd NB Redlight BIG time. Clutch slipping. 5.70 @ 127 mph. Only eight bikes. 20
7/13 - ES 2nd round 0.0007 second redlight. New ET record, 5.64 @ 132 mph with the gsxr  
7/7 - NB 2nd round redlight. 5.78 @ 132. Stepped down to 26/28 and 5.84 @ 128.  
7/6 quart ES Bandit went 5.77 @ 135. Slept. Something is still wrong with the nitrous system fuel delivery.  
7/3 1&2 ES Too many damn cars, took too long time. Shut off at midnight. Split the purse. Boring! 175
7/1 - NL 1st round "Houston, we have a problem!", humungous 1st gear wheelie  
6/30   NB Thunderstorm. I beat Keith (points leader) in first round but we all got a rain check.
Another day of consistency, 5.80, 5.81 and a 5.83. Who needs a wheelie bar? Not me! :-)
6/29 3rd ES Cut a decent light but John cut a better. 5.74, 5.75 and a 5.76... at least consistent with the gsxr! 20
6/24   ES No bike to race. Warped rotor, mashed tank, subframe bent, windshield and grab rail scrapped.  
6/23 quart NB 3rd round. Jumped out of 1st gear at the line. Dumped the B12 off the trailer at low speed.  
6/22   VMP Test & Tune. 8.91 @ 160 mph. The nitrous system doesn't work properly, fuel something...  
6/17   SE Bike Weekend, Sweden. Elimination, Rained out.  
6/16   SE Bike Weekend, Sweden. Qualifying. I'm going to race in the 0-899cc class on a 97 gsxr750  
6/10 2nd PD Redligh in the Sportsman ET finals. 6.007 on a 6.00 dial (6.00 to 7.99 seconds class) 200
6/9 quart NB Bogged down in 3rd round and couldnt' run the numbers. Shifter, jetting and clutch problems. -
6/8 - ES 1st round redlight. 6.10 @ 119 mph (record speed) no nitrous (only a 1.50 60'). +80F 75% -
6/3 1st SD Just 7 bikes... 5.74 @ 126 getting out of it. High mph today was 129.44! 100
6/2 - NB 2nd round "Houston, we have a problem!" wheelie in 2nd gear. 5.73 @ 128.57 mph -
6/1   ES RAIN  
5/27 3rd SD Just some Test and Tune with the Brock Davidson 4-spring clutch modification. It's too
damn soft for my style. Need to tweak it some more. It does NOT jerk or shake! 135 mph
5/26 1st NB Won at the tree! 5.83 @ 125.7 mph with the gixxer. Press Release 500
5/25   ES RAIN  
5/20 2nd NL Good racing! Cut a decent .530 light but got killed with a .504. Speed record, 137.3 mph 100
5/19 quart NB 3rd round red eye. Clutch too stiff and dragged me through the lights. 5.71 @ 134 mph! -
5/18 1st ES Fair and square. No surprises. Best ET and speed this year, 5.77 @ 135.94 mph with
a soggy 1.52 60'. It really moves, KABOOM  KABOOM  KABOOM! :)
5/12 - NB Busted the fuel pump in 2nd round. 5.80 @ 125.7 mph with the gsxr -
5/11 2nd ES Redlight in the final. Clutch cooked (the gsxr clutch pressure plate bottomed out!). 50
5/6 - NL Got lazy in 2nd round. 5.94 @ 125 mph with the gsxr and the 92 small head -
5/5 semi NB Hot and humid. Bandit went 5.80 @ 131. Slept at the light. 10
5/4 - ES The new clutch IS grabbing, too much. Looked like a frog on crack at the 60' marker.
5.82 @ 134 mph with a measly 1.52 60 foot time. Slept at the tree.
4/29 - NL Clutch slipping. Out in 2nd round on a .008 light (the other guy had a .003 light!) -
4/28 quart(6) NB Fixed the shifter. Then the clutch was slipping, BAD! Lousy 5.94 @ 123. What sixty footers? -
4/27 3rd ES The air shifter don't work that good anymore... killed the tree but I couldn't run the #'s. 20
4/22 semi ES WBOP Spring Bike Hoot. Sandbagging too much, aka hit the brakes too hard. 50
4/21   NB Rain  
4/20 2nd ES Too stiff clutch made the bike jump like a frog. 50
4/15 1st ES 36th Annual Coors Funny Car Classic! Gates open at 10am.
What a madhouse! Packed! 22 bikes, clutch slipping, sandbagging, good lights. Fun!
4/14 - NB 2nd round redlight -
4/7-8 - TR IDBA Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway, 3rd round looser with a .527 against a .511 -
4/1   NL Rain  
3/31   NB Race canceled. They THOUGHT it was going to rain, but it didn't, ARGH!  
3/30 1st ES Some luck and sandbagging with 0.004 seconds to spare! :) 100
3/25 1st ES No mistakes and some luck, 5.82 @ 130.35 mph off the trailer with a short ramp NOS setup 100
3/24 1st TR Rockingham Spring Open, StripBike.Com Pro ET winner! (read the diary) 650
3/18 - ES 1st round looser when the shifter cable broke. Best of 6.36 @ 112 with small RS36'es -
3/11 - ES 1st time out with the gsxr, 6.26 @ 115 mph (185km/h) Broke out in 1st round with 0.003 secs -

NB=Natural Bridge Dragstrip, Natural Bridge, VA, 1/8 mile
MIR=Maryland Int'l Raceway, Budds Creek, MD, 1/4 mile
NL=New London Dragstrip, Lynchburg VA, 1/8 mile
FA=Farmington Dragway, Farmington, NC, 1/8 mile
ES=Eastside Speedway, Waynesboro VA, 1/8 mile
VMP=Virginia Motorsports Park, VA, 1/4 mile
SE=Johannislöt Flygplats, Västerås, Sweden
TR=The Rock, Rockingham, NC, 1/4 mile
SD=Sumerduck Dragway, VA, 1/8 mile
PD=Piedmont Dragway, NC, 1/8 mile
GV=Gainesville Dragway, FL, 1/4 mile
VMS=Vasters, Sweden, 1/8 mile
RX=Roxboro, NC, 1/8 mile

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